Effective Social Media Strategies

Our social media management services are designed to build your online presence to put you in front of potential clients. Our team of experts are skilled in managing social media accounts to build word-of-mouth, encourage users to share content, while focusing on generating leads across a variety of social media platforms.

  • Building the strategy. The first thing our team does is learn about your company's goals. If you are a contractor you may want to generate leads for your services. If you are a home builder you may need someone to manage your social media profiles, bringing awareness to people interested in real estate and custom homes. Regardless of your goals, we will have a strategy customized for your needs! Our team first learns about the client’s needs and who their customer base is. Doing so will help identify the social networks most important to your business.
  • Content marketing and promotion. Content is extremely important when building a social media presence. We work with our clients to develop engaging content to attract new customers. Contractors may highlight some of their recent completed jobs, while home builders may showcase developments to drive new home sales.
  • Build Influence. Customers use social media to research companies, either by visiting business pages or by getting opinions from real people. You want to remain engaged with your past and prospective clients, keeping them informed about new developments through your Facebook page and other social platforms. Our team will have a will have a social media marketing plan to increase those Facebook likes and other social engagement metrics. As your following increases, so does your social influence and authority. The more engaging content you create, the more influential you become.
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Winning Social Media Campaigns

Social media should be an important piece in your online marketing strategy, and provides a great compliment to your search engine optimization efforts. Social networks allow for a unique opportunity to build relationships with not only your happy customers, but also new customers.

  • Build Your Social Media Audience. Social media isn't just about increasing website traffic and generating immediate leads. If you stay connected with past and potential customers, they could need you in the future. This is even more critical in the home building industry as there can be a longer buying and decision cycle.
  • We Deliver Leads. Ultimately you desire more customers and a well rounded social strategy will deliver just that. Our team is uniquely focused on putting you in the conversation at all stages of the customer buying funnel.
  • Social Media Advertising. Our certified experts know how to build your presence on social media networks. Whether through Facebook advertising, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, or Pintrest, we will get you in-front of potential clients. Contact our consultants today to learn about the marketing services that might be right for you!
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How We Helped Magnolia Homes Increase Traffic by 146% and Generate More Home Sales

Founded in 1987, Magnolia Homes has become the Home Builder of Choice for those seeking a truly custom home built with an uncompromised commitment to quality. 

Perseverance and a positive attitude has guided Magnolia Homes for the past 40 years. It is why Magnolia Homes has enjoyed such success, coupled with the heart and soul they put into every home they build. “That extra touch” is not a slogan for Magnolia Homes; it’s what they do every day, and what they believe every single day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can social media generate leads?

    Yes. Social media is an effective way to target the type of customer you are looking for. Facebook for example allows for demographic and interest targeting so that you can zero in on customers that are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

  • What do you charge to manage social media pages?

    We charge a reasonable fixed monthly cost based on how often you want to post and the number of platforms that you would like us to manage.

  • What is the cost for social advertising?

    We can work with you to set an appropriate budget. We charge a management fee to manage the strategy and advertising across the social networks. The social networks will charge you for the actual cost of the advertising itself.

  • What should be my goals?

    That really depends on what you want to accomplish as a business. Typically most businesses want to generate more leads and maintain solid relationships with their past customers.

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