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Founded in 1987, Magnolia Homes has become the Home Builder of Choice for those seeking a truly custom home built with an uncompromised commitment to quality.

Perseverance and a positive attitude has guided Magnolia Homes for the past 40 years. It is why Magnolia Homes has enjoyed such success, coupled with the heart and soul they put into every home they build.

“That extra touch” is not a slogan for Magnolia Homes; it's what they do every day, and what they believe every single day.

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    Increase in Traffic

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Website Design & Development
Search Engine Optimization

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The Challenge

Improve Website, Increase Traffic, & Improve Stagnant Results

Magnolia Homes was looking for a website and digital marketing strategy that fit with their brand and vision for the future. Their old site was based on a template platform which many other builders were using across the US and even in the same market. From a digital marketing strategy, Magnolia was not getting the exposure and results they were looking for via organic, paid, and from social media. Their current marketing efforts were very basic and similar to there competition. Nothing was setting them apart.

The Solution

Ground-up Marketing Strategy

After working with the team at Magnolia Homes and hearing about their goals for the company, we worked with them to develop a new custom website unlike anyone else’s in the market. Something that would set the bar in the market. A website that truly portrayed Magnolia Homes culture, values, and brand.

Not only was Magnolia Homes  impressed by the design, but they actually won an award from WebAwards as the Best Construction Website of 2018.

Understanding that a new website is not enough to accomplish Magnolia Homes goals, we hit the drawing board and developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that featured ways to increase their organic visibility, improve the social media presence, and reach their audience at the right time in the buying cycle.

The first component of our research was based off creating personas of their potential customers. After creating personas, we were able to identify the best channels and methods to target these personas while in-market.

From an SEO perspective we started on process with strategic on-page optimization. The first step in our on-page optimization process is to ensure is properly targeting keywords/phrases based on the insight we received during our kick-off call and our own research of their industry. We wanted to focus on what will deliver new home inquiries for them. We analyzed what keywords they were already ranking for and receiving traffic from, studied keywords their competitors are ranking for, and research relevant topical concepts. We then evaluated search volume, organic click thru rate, and keyword difficulty to determine which keywords to target.

Our SEO process continued with ongoing link building. Obtaining quality backlinks based on a strategic outreach plan focused on unlinked brand mentions, broken links, competitor gaps, and relevant topical blogs.

From a Social Media & Paid Search perspective our primary focus has been derived from our persona research. We worked with Magnolia Homes to capture demographic data from previous home sales and have focused our targeting efforts on hitting that demographic when specific actions occur. A key component of the success has been remarketing to the audience after they have initially been introduced to Magnolia Homes because the sales cycle is fairly long from when a consumer starts the awareness process down to actual decisions.

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The Results

146% increase in website traffic and 85% growth in organic revenue. Magnolia Homes has now been working with HigherVisibility for 15 months—with promising results. YOY traffic has increased a whopping 146.03%. Where as from (April 2017 - May 2018) they generated 51,279 visitors compared to June 2018 - July 2019) they have generated 126,160 visitors. More importantly, business revenue and new home inquiries grew at a similar pace that organic traffic did.


Increase in Traffic

Data based on YOY results.

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